Imagine Paying Full Price For Your Grocery Shopping
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Imagine Paying Full Price For Your Grocery Shopping

Usually when you shop at the stores nowadays, the receipt would tell you not only the cost of your purchases but also how much you saved if you were to pay full price for your products. I did see a few great deals while walking through the super market and so I decide to buy some of the products where I knew the price was great. It’s still amazing to see though as to how much money you save by buying things on sale.

For this bill with only three items the regular price would have been $18.98. This is for a bag of lime, oranges and two pounds of baby carrots. I paid $8.72 since they were currently on sale with a purchase limit. That means I saved about $10.26 or 53.93%. There are plenty of times people go shopping at the grocery store with the mindset of they are simply going to buy what they feel like versus what is on sale. Here is a great example on how that habit is very costly each trip.

You have to plan your purchases based on the great deals and sales if you are trying to be frugal and need to save as much money as possible. With this example too, you aren’t necessarily settling for inferior products as those bags of oranges are virtually the same as an example on any given day. Same thing with the carrots. The bag of limes was the only one with a discount because these were specifically packaged as “imperfect’ items. It didn’t mater to me since I was gong to make raw juice with it. You can still get a lot for your dollar during these times.

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