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Hard To Open Packages

Today I bought a USB removable flash memory as I needed a more portable one as opposed to the larger ones that I normally use. Usually these things should be a pretty hassle free purchase and usage as you simply place it into the USB drive on your computer and that’s it. Every so often though, a lot of these kinds of items come in packages that are difficult to open and this product just happened to be one of those types.

I pretty much as usual had to perform surgery-like operations on it as you can easily just cut right through the package, but then you risk nicking the actual product or the instruction manuals that are buried right in the middle of the package.

I wonder how many accidents these types of packaging cause for people as those edges are actually pretty sharp when you begin to cut it and I know most people try to rip it once they cut a little bit.

I actually never fully understood from a business point of view on why manufacturers have opted to go with this type of packaging for products. The only thing I can think of is that it makes it harder for thieves to simply cut the package open and steal the item in a store or maybe it is way cheaper to do so. It sure can be troublesome for the consumer that’s for sure.

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  • Ha ha, I feel exactly the same!

    Alan C. Yu 8/25/2007 10:06 pm

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