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Getting E-mail Receipt Options From Stores

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Lately when I have been shopping in stores I noticed that a lot of places were now asking me if I wanted an e-mail receipt. Funny enough my first reaction is to say no as you usually think the cashier is trying to up-sell you on something. But apparently this is an alternative way of having to get a paper receipt which can save both parties time and money.

Trying to keep track of all the receipts can at times be a little inconvenient where when it comes to tax time you have to sort everything out. This way I can see it being easier as you can just digitally organize them all on the computer too. People could argue that it’s just as easy to throw them all in a binder or something but usually I see people buy extra resources to do that too.

It will only be a matter of time until all this stuff goes digital too where we might as well get used to it while in many ways saving time and money while we are at it. I am just not used to stores asking about this option yet without thinking there is a fee or stipulation to this. Or maybe it’s just a clever way to collect our e-mails?

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