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All These Fidget Spinner Talks Made Me Think of Being Price Ignorant

fidget spinners

I never actually tried one of these fidget spinners before even though I am usually pretty keen to try out new things. For the most part they are pretty popular and I have been seeing signs for them everywhere. However the prices for them is not something I paid too much attention to. When I saw this deal where you could buy three bluetooth fidget spinners for $39.99 I thought it sounded kind of expensive for a toy of sorts. But apparently from hearing other people’s opinion that is such a crazy deal in many ways.

It made me think of being ignorant about prices in general when you don’t do any kind of research for a product. Not only does it limit your ability to just get a good deal in general to save money, but in many ways I guess you can say you are limiting your business opportunities as well. Like here if it was really that great of a deal I am pretty sure someone could make some simple home business pocket money by reselling them. But how would you know you could if you didn’t know it was good deal to begin with?

Kind of shows too how knowing the market prices for products can help you in so many ways when it comes to not only making and saving money. So it’s good to research these things even if you aren’t specifically into it.

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