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Factoring if You Can Fix It Before Buying It Used

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Imagine getting a very good deal upfront for something like a used car where at first it works like a charm. Then after a few weeks things start to wear out for whatever reason and you have to pay to get it working again. This just keeps going where eventually it’s almost like you are buying a new car which defeats he purpose of getting it in the first place to save money.

That was kind of the scenario I saw today where a person bought an item not too long ago from a classified ad site where initially it was good. He didn’t factor in the actual cost if necessary to repair things if needed considering there is no warranty. Sure enough it turns out he needed to replace parts where the bad thing is the parts are so outdated that you need to get something more modern day. This means having to replace all the other parts as well just to be compatible.

It’s not something you would think of unless you are semi knowledgeable about the items you are buying. The only time where I wouldn’t really care otherwise is if the scenario is the thing is so cheap that even if I get say only a year’s use out of it my intent would be to just throw it away anyways. But if my plan was to keep it for a while it’s important to really understand if you can even fix it and how much that would be if necessary. Otherwise you will get an unpleasant surprise like in this example where you were better off just buying something new with a fresh warranty.

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