An Expensive Box of Chocolates Versus A Regular One As A Gift
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An Expensive Box of Chocolates Versus A Regular One As A Gift

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A person had a funny reaction today as she was looking at this box of chocolate that was gifted for Christmas. She didn’t eat any but was just curious of the contents of it. When she opened it at first she thought people must have ate a whole layer already as usually boxes of chocolate have two layers. When she found out no one touched it she was shocked as these boxes of chocolate cost about $15 a box. That made her go on a rant on how you can buy so many other types of chocolate as a gift for that price.

I was thinking here when someone gifts you boxes of chocolate do you necessarily care if they gave you a cheap or expensive one per se as long as it suits to your taste buds? I know for myself I wouldn’t mind and would rather have people save their money if they could opt for the better valued stuff that is just as good. I would imagine it’s more psychological for the gift giver though as many people just feel like they are being cheap if they don’t spend premium dollars for the holiday gifts.

On a funny thought would you actually value chocolate as a gift if you knew that the person tried to make it themselves for you even though it may not be store quality in appearance but it tastes great? I know for me that would be priceless in the spirit of the event too.

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