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Ever Thinking of Paying Things Annually When You Don’t Have To

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Usually when I pay bills I tend to like to do so as it keeps me engaged with my spending to know what is still good or needs to be replaced to create better financial health. With all the Christmas shopping and regular monthly bills I had a funny thought on whether or not at times it would make more sense to just pay out a year’s worth of bills to a company even if you don’t have to in an effort to save time.

For example one regular bill is the cell phone bill and you could technically submit a payment for the whole year as it will go to your account as credit and every moth it will deduct it from there. That would save you time from having to manually go there each time to pay it or the possibility that you will forget. Because my habit is to usually save it if I don’t have to where I may as well be earning interest from that money not the business. But would you ever say there the interest is way too small to justify the extra time in paying for that stuff each month?

Because of that every penny counts mindset I have that is the only reason I have never just did it even though it probably is way more convenient. Would there ever be a time where it just makes more sense though to pre-pay everything for convenience? You could say set the items to auto bill your card to be the same of course. But there I usually feel if there is an error it will probably take more work to fix that charge.

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