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Enjoying Events As A Group With The Public To Save Money

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On the weekend there is going to be that huge boxing match of Mcgregor vs Mayweather and I was actually interested in seeing it. The price for the pay per view is expensive of course at about $100. However, I was researching other options to watch it as usually you can see it for way cheaper such as going to casinos where they would charge you about $20. Even theatres have a showing for about $50 where you can see it on the big screen.

It made me think how when it comes to saving money trying to do things as a group event can offer you quite a bit of savings. Sounds pretty obvious in many ways but it’s something that not many of us do. For example, you can transfer this to other things such as a gym or fitness program membership of some sort where people pay a ton of money to go alone when they really wouldn’t mind being with others while saving a ton of money through group discounts in the process.

As odd as it sounds usually even strangers are up for the idea since everyone is getting the same thing they would have normally except they get to save a lot now while potentially meeting new people. Guess it pays to be social in your life as well.

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