Ending Support For And Old Product Doesn’t Mean It Is Useless
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Ending Support For And Old Product Doesn’t Mean It Is Useless

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It’s kind of funny today where was reading a bunch of news on how Apple was discontinuing support for its older phone models such as an iPhone 5 where it won’t support the iOS 11. To me that is a normal cycle of sort for tech items to phase out older models. What was surprising was reading all these articles presenting it in doom and gloom way as if everyone’s phone is going to cease to function which makes people outraged.

That made me think how when it comes to saving money a lot of people actually buy outdated technology products for things like work as it saves time and money. For example, I know some people who still use things like a computer with Windows XP just to do basic tasks like a word processor. They use it in a way where this computer is completely offline as an example and so they never have to worry about things like downloading a virus from the Internet.

In many cases too people actually don’t even use what they have to its full capabilities. So in that sense using older stuff can make more sense. If it meets your needs then why not?

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