Double Checking Your Receipt With Refunds And Discount Price Errors
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Double Checking Your Receipt With Refunds And Discount Price Errors

Today there was a funny example where many times supermarket products actually ring up for the wrong price where you end up paying more. Often too people miss these as one usually looks at the total where if it sounds about right then they will just let it be. Today I kind of fell into that same error in an interesting way.

I basically got an offer on my app where you could buy twelve dozen eggs for about $1.79 which is a great deal. I actually accidentally bumped into my dad while shopping and decided to let him get the eggs at the discounts. So we had to go to a specific store he parked in a paid spot where if you buy at least $5 worth of goods from the store you would be reimbursed. Paying for parking, which was about $2.75 here, would negate the savings of the offer.

So as we went in just buying two of these eggs wouldn’t equal $5. So my dad decided to find some cookies and saw this brand he liked on sale where the original price was marked as $4.49 with a sale price being $2.99. So it seemed like a good buy. After processing everything and using the coupon the total came out to about five dollars which sounded about right and the cashier mentioned he got reimbursed for the parking ticket.

As we left he then questioned the bill as it seemed like there was a pricing error. I looked at it initially and said the total seemed accurate. But he then pointed at that the total was actually minus the parking fee reimbursement and that he was charged the full $4.49 price for the cookies. He was absolutely correct as that appeared to be the case. So we returned and did the adjustment. Kind of shows how easy it is where when there are a bunch of discounts on the receipt it can be easy to overlook incorrect prices.

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