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Double Checking Combo And Value Meal Prices


Recently I heard of this lawsuit where someone was accusing McDonalds of charging people more for purchasing value meal combos in comparison to ordering everything individually. Of course the general assumption is when you order things like a combo value that you would be getting things for less money. Since in this case apparently you don’t save money the person is suing out of principle.

I know for myself I don’t dine out that much and so whenever I look at the combos being offered when I do dine out I tend to always see how much money you really save in getting a combo. I am one of those that often order based on price value. I have never actually seen a combo price that is more expensive than ordering item individually.

Although I must say I have seen this plenty of times in the supermarkets where you can often find bulk packages of an item being more expensive than buying a lot of smaller packages of the same item possibly due to things such as the individual items being on sale. That’s probably another reason why I have a habit of always checking the price too.

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