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Deal Hunting Still When You Are Immediately Thirsty or Hungry

The other day I was hanging out with a person and he mentioned that he was thirsty. Therefore, he decided he wanted some bubble tea which was about $4 based on the menu prices. It was kind of expensive in my mind but he said he as thirsty. He even joked how he knew that wasn’t the financially smart thing to do where he could go to the supermarket and get a ton of drinks for that price.

Here was the funny part. As we walked around we passed by this small sushi shop which was selling a bunch of items for cheap since it was almost closing time. He wanted to buy some as his dinner for the night. As he lined up there was a sign that said you could purchase some bubble tea for $1.50 with any meal purchase which he qualified for. It was funny to see that and he even laughed at how much money he could have saved.

To me it kind of shows how much money we tend to overspend when we want some kind of food or drink right away without researching a little. Like here simply seeing what is around before purchasing would have saved a lot of money. Just because you are thirsty or hungry doesn’t mean you can’t save money still in the process.

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