Do Credit Unions Even Register On Your Mind For Banking
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Do Credit Unions Even Register On Your Mind For Banking

The other day I was talking to a lady who asked me which banks I used which I answered. Her immediate response was how it must be so expensive for me to do business with them as she felt the fees were incredibly high compared to the credit union that she currently uses and loves. While I did think banks in general are more expensive than credit unions I was saying how I avoid the fees by always having a certain amount of funds in the account. Though it did make me wonder, how many people even think of a credit union as an option when they are thinking of a place to put their money in?

I know for myself it doesn’t immediately come to mind as you don’t exactly see them in most areas. Based on what she told me too she was the type of person who disliked things like online banking and all so that would make sense why she didn’t care too much about the larger banks. In many ways I think it is just being so used to associating the word bank as a way to store your money whereas a credit union sounds more like a place to receive financial advice or something.

Though the fees usually are much cheaper in places like those. So if you are looking for ways to cut down costs where you can’t really manage to maintain a certain balance to prevent paying those ridiculous monthly fees that a lot of banks charge then it may not be a bad idea to switch to one.

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