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Credit Card Fraud Detection Sure is Fast

Today I received an e-mail that mentioned how it was believed that my credit card has been compromised where a fraudulent purchases has been made and that I should contact the number. At first I actually thought it was a typical scam. However, shortly after I got a phone call from the bank about it as well. Apparently someone did a $1300 purchase from the Apple online store which the system flagged as being suspicious. I was thinking how fast and efficient that was.

The funny thing was the last time I had my credit card compromised it seemed to happen quickly after shopping on Ali Express. I was actually hesitant about shopping from a site called Gearbest as I believe that one was based in China as well. But this time I had the option to use other payment methods such as Paypal and so it tried it. But wouldn’t you know it I get another credit card incident right after shopping from a site like that. Too coincidental in many ways huh? Must be a sign for me to always shop from North America sites only or something. Of course I don’t know exactly how it happened.

I even tried to contact Apple to see if they could tell me who the intended recipient was as I would assume that would be so easy to catch the scammer but they mentioned they couldn’t so that. But even the service agent was laughing as he asked me for an Apple ID which I don’t have since I don’t even own Apple products and immediately he chuckled that for sure that was a compromised card. At least it’s reassurance to know that the fraud detection software is good at what it does.

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