The Cost of Using Cheques Can Be Expensive
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The Cost of Using Cheques Can Be Expensive

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For the most part when it comes to making payments nowadays I only use cheques to pay for thing such as contract jobs as for everything else it just seems more efficient to use things like the credit card. After quite a while I actually ran out of cheques for one bank and so I thought time to see if I can order more. Holy cow was I surprised. For this one bank can you believe the cost to get a booklet of cheques is $56.01 with tax? This is just for a personal account too. I have never paid for any as I had always just used the ones that were initially supplied when the bank account was opened. At that rate I was like “no way” and tried to find another solution.

Actually one funny thing is how I actually have a ton of cheques from other banks including the ones where I opened an account just for the sake of testing for like my blog posts. So I was thinking for that price I may as well just move funds into those other bank accounts and use the cheques from them. I mean really, $56 just for a small booklet of them for personal use? At that price I would expect to be getting business account types of cheques where I get like a folder and all too.

Although it does make me hope that some of the companies I deal with will just go all digital instead as again it just seems so much more efficient. In this case it makes more financial sense too.

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