Conveniently Using Your Smartphone As Your Price Check Before Purchasing
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Conveniently Using Your Smartphone As Your Price Check Before Purchasing

I saw something funny the other day while I was at the supermarket. The person in front of me had his smartphone out and was using it to show prices from other stores to price match. This is nothing unusual of course but this person was literally price matching almost everything he bought. He was buying mostly fruits and vegetables too. It kind of shows you that nowadays you don’t have to carry a flyer in stores to save a lot or money with prices matches.

I had a funny example yesterday where I saw one store was selling an item for $4.99. This storm happened to be selling the product for $49.99. That is a substantial difference and it made me wonder if the store would even honor its price matching policy. So what I did was I went to the competitor’s web site and I handed them my smartphone. At first they were extremely shocked about the price difference as well. As the manager came over he took my smartphone and started browsing around the site to make sure that he could add the item in the cart to purchase. As he did that other employees gathered around and were so shocked at the price difference.

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Eventually he just said that I had all the proof that was needed and he instructed the employee to process the price match. As you can see it was a very painless process. I know a lot of people nowadays still wouldn’t ask for a price match if you don’t actually have the physical flyer. But this is an example how a lot of stores will actually be very cooperating in matching prices found on company websites as long as it is an authorized dealer in all.

I’ve even heard some stores in the past have ban people from using price checking software on their smartphones because people just save way too much money this way. But for you as the consumer you should take advantage of all the resources you have to try and get the best prices.

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