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Having A Confused Conception of Quality Goods


I posted this find for my one dollar budget project today where it was kind of crazy to find that you could buy a large box of bananas for one dollar. Yup, you heard me right. My immediate reaction when I saw the bananas was ho there were block spots on it. So of course my reaction was it must all be say rotten and that the store needs to get rid of it. However, I actually remember in one large supermarket how they were selling these black bananas and there were actually signs that described about banana ripeness. Apparently have things like black dots on it is good.

So that got me thinking how this is probably so cheap because everyone thinks like the banana peel must be bright yellow. Therefore, stores have to price it extremely low to get people over the fear of buying it. I must say, the bananas actually smelled really good which I would assume is due to the ripeness and all.

It makes you wonder how many other things we tend to overlook or spend too much money on because of all the media we consume about what quality products should look like. Especially in a case like here it’s all about how good the product is once you open it right? Imagine not wanting to buy a superior product simply because the packaging or label is not as appealing.

I used to wonder in high school on why you would want to learn things like home economics. I am starting to think to be good with money in your life you need to know more about simple everyday things too. Because like here it’s kind of amazing how many superior things we can purchase for way less money if we were simply knowledgeable about all the things we buy.

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