Changing Business Direction Due To Social Pressure

Changing Business Direction Due To Social Pressure

It’s pretty common knowledge that businesses often want to portray themselves in the best light as possible. One way is to immediately show support for causes that are a hot topic while condemning those who don’t. I guess a very clear example of this last year was with all the topics of racism and how so many companies immediately began or announced intents to change its business structures to promote diversity.

This got me to think about the general topics of companies actually changing because they genuinely believe in it or simply wanting to make sure that they aren’t seen as one of the bad guys. I remember one example of a company going over their film project and deciding whether or not the public would get excited over it in order to generate revenue. While they seemed excited for the script itself one person mentioned how the script doesn’t promote diverse characters such as all the woman roles being virtually non-existent.

As a result, just like that the quick solution was to just turn one of the male characters into a female. So it’s interesting to think about where from ground up they didn’t really have a genuine desire to say write the story in that way from the beginning. But social pressure made them double check to ensure that their end product would be inclusive for many different types of people. While I guess you can say that’s a bit sad if a company doesn’t genuinely create things because they believe in it, it goes to show that as regular person it works in the sense of how to get companies to change by focusing more on the culture and mindset of the population at large in general.

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