Cash or Credit Card For Light Travels In Different Countries
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Cash or Credit Card For Light Travels In Different Countries

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So I was planning to go to the US tomorrow just for the day and the thought of getting some US dollars or simply using my credit card came to mind. Either way I would have to pay an exchange fee of some sort. But which one would be the best in terms of value? At this point I am thinking of ditching the cash and just using the credit card like I normally would.

On factor for this is that I always factor in that with the credit card I get cashback rewards. While it won’t be a lot on its own, as it’s not like I plan to spend thousands of dollars or anything, in many ways I guess you can say it’s better than nothing. I am usually pretty conscious too about how much I am actually spending in a different country as opposed to just putting it all on the card and being surprised when I get back home. That’s usually the only real advantage to cash I find personally where it forces you to spend only what you actually have in hand.

As well, staying there for only one day means I don’t get any duty exemptions for buying stuff. So purchases will probably be limiting to things like food and fees for attractions. Although, I guess not having cash can restrict you from shopping at any “bargain” or “dollar stores” as the last time I was in the US so many places had minimum purchase requirements to use the credit card.

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