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A Break Between Big Purchases or Not

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I recently made a pretty large purchase that was well over one thousand dollars as it was an investment for some of my future projects. I have been thinking about it for a very long time and the timing felt right. The thing is though this is like half of what I wanted as I still needed to purchase another product to make my toolset complete. However, it got me thinking since I spent so much money on whether or not that means I should discipline myself to hold off on another big purchase so soon.

For a case like this it’s not that I don’t have the funds to spend. Instead, at times I often think if you don’t control yourself then it’s only a matter of time where you wonder where all your money went. Because in a case like this I essentially paid the full retail price for the item too. That usually makes me want to balance things out by finding a great deal on the rest of the items I need. This could be as a straight forward as waiting for like a Black Friday sales day which isn’t too far off.

I know people usually do it the budget way such as one setting aside $1000 and that’s all they can spend. Basically, you are only ever allowed to spend that much. But for cases where it’s like an investment for me where timing is a factor I usually opt to buy the main item at full price while working harder in finding great deals for the rest of the items that would make life a lot easier. I don’t know if you can call that a break though as technically if I saw the other item that I need for like 50% off then I most likely would just buy it.

But I usually feel there has to be some kind of effort to counter balance such large spending habits. Otherwise it’s just too easy to spend everything you earn without thinking about the amount of time it takes you to replenish those funds.

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