The Bonus Money Options You Lose By Not Paying Your Bills On Time
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The Bonus Money Options You Lose By Not Paying Your Bills On Time

Today I went to a restaurant with my brother to help pick up some food and at first he was going to pay cash but was a bit short. He asked me if I had two dollars which I didn’t as I usually use my credit card. Afterwards he said to not worry as he was going to use his credit card. I mentioned how he should be doing that anyways as he can get things like cashback rewards. He then commented how he knew that was a better idea as he only recently started to pay his credit card bill in full every month.

That made me think how much options you lose to gain more money by essentially not managing to pay all your bills in full each month. Usually most people would only be concerned about paying say the interest where the benefit would be that where you wouldn’t owe anything extra. But in cases like this you can see how you are losing all this extra bonus money that you could be getting as a result of just implementing some basic good financial habits.

People often use the phrase that the rich get richer. Though here you don’t necessarily need to be rich to be able to get richer as long as you use your good financial habits to your advantage.

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