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Birthdays And The Expenses Your Incur

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I was looking at the calendar today and visually it looked kind of interesting where so many people in my life were having birthdays this month. Another family member realized this and the first comment was how they had to spend an enormous amount of money this month just due to all the birthday gifts that they have to buy for people. It makes me think financially do you consider birthday expenses as a necessity of sort of your monthly expense or is it more like something you would take from your entertainment funds per se?

I personally treat it like an “entertainment expense” where if I get someone like a thirty dollar gift then that is thirty dollars less I should spend on just random fun stuff. In some ways it seems a little odd to classify birthday expenses as a necessity of sorts as these are supposed to be gifts after all. Although, funny enough I am actually one of those people who doesn’t have a category for entertainment expenses. Instead, my reminder is always to just look at the amount of savings I have in the bank account where if it is at a certain amount then that means I did a good enough job to spend it in whichever way I wish.

So for me birthday expenses are what they should be I feel where you are spending the money to say make someone else happy. However, if my savings was not at a point where I could justifiably incur additional expenses then I shouldn’t be putting myself into debt for it. I wouldn’t want anyone else to do that for me as well.

It kind of makes managing your finance more relaxed this way too I feel where birthday expenses aren’t suddenly like a form of income tax that you owe to the government.

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