Balancing Passion With Business Finance
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Balancing Passion With Business Finance

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There was a piece of news that happened here recently in regards to the celebrity chef Rob Feenie who ran an upscale restaurant here called Lumiere. For various reasons, there has been a fallout and he is no longer with the restaurant.

In the article I was reading it talked about how he started the restaurant and his accomplishments as a chef. It also had some information such as how about two years ago his restaurant business had a debt in the range of almost $350,000. He apparently mentioned how he was a chef and not an accountant to show that finance wasn’t exactly something he personally focused on too much. Eventually, some investors came in which saved the business financially and of course as a result he didn’t own as much of the business as before.

I think this is actually a very common topic that is great to think about. Many times people say they don’t care about the money side of things when it comes to a business as it should be about the passion that you have for whatever it is that you do. That’s definitely true I’d say in terms of having a good attitude to persist in making something successful.

At the same time, you definitely need to consider what is necessary financially as well to make sure that you can continue to do what it is that you do. It’s kind of like times where people are willing to teach you things that require a lot of time for free because they love it so much, but you know it is killing them financially. So in those cases, you insist that they take something. There definitely needs to be balance.

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