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2018 Staying Safe or Taking Risks With Money

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Happy 2018 everyone. It’s kind of funny this year as I struggled to think of anything that I can do new on a daily basis. Even for things like saving money I couldn’t really think of new things to do to be even more frugal in a productive way. The only real stuff is risking money more which is not usually something I do.

Usually when I think just plain taking risks that means spending money blindly such as a person telling you something is good to invest in which you do. I usually prefer calculated risks which involves having to do a lot of research on it. But thinking in many ways I have always done that. Is it time for a change financially to take more risks?

I never dived into those cryptocurrencies which made me think if I should do that. It’s actually an example of taking a full risk where since I don’t know much about it I would pretty much be spending blindly. Should I do something like that though? It almost feels like being so frugal all the time you tend to want to take bigger risks eventually.

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