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This $200000 Rubber Duck Is An Interesting Conversation About Money

large rubber duck

So apparently here in Canada there is a controversy of sorts where this large rubber duck was purchased using tax payer dollars to make and transport it to a Redpath Waterfront Festival to help celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. The total cost is apparently a whopping $200,000 for the large rubber duck. One side argues it’s a waste of money whereas the other feels it’s money well spent to promote the local economy.

For stuff like this I always have to wonder if it truly costs that much to make. While I know businesses need to make money, does this thing really cost like say $180,000 where the company banked $20,000 as an example? It makes me think about personal finance too as many times we just assume that something large must mean that it must be expensive. Or at the same time when we have enough money stored away to make the purchase as presented we tend to just look at the bank account and say “sure, I can afford that.”

Stories like these just make me think how it’s in your best financial interest to always find different ways to achieve the same thing per se if possible too. I mean just as an example did this really have to be a rubber duck as an example? Could not some kind of large inflatable balloon achieve the same effect? Even if it pops I am sure you will have extras too that can be easily inflated. It’s a kind of wacky example in many ways to make you think if you ever just spend your money like this because you can at the moment.

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