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$12 Million Left To A Dog In A Will

Well wasn’t this a very odd story that I just read about. Some of you may have already read that real estate billionaire Leona Helmsley passed away a few days ago. People dubbed her as “The Queen of Mean”. Just recently, her will was made public in regards to how she wanted her wealth to be distributed after her death. According to the news, she completely neglected to give anything to two of her grandchildren. However, she did decide to give $12 million to her dog which from what I read was the most aside from the significant portion of her wealth being tied in her enterprise.

This kind of makes you wonder if her grandchildren were really that bad in her view or if it was more of a shortsighted spiteful act over a small situation. The main thing that this kind of made me think is how many times people who have say wealthy family members assume that they will receive some kind of significant inheritance and so they kind of arrange their lifestyle plan with that in mind. An over exaggerated example would be say someone buying a really expensive house that they can’t really pay off fully without it taking forever at their current rate as they are simply expecting a large inheritance in the future that will allow them to do so. Kind of a dangerous thing to do I’d say with story examples like this.

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