Site Error Codes
Descriptions of the most common error codes that people notice on sites
We have all encountered it one time or another during our web browsing. You try to visit a site and all you get is a page giving you this error code. So you may be asking, "What do they mean and why does it happen?". Below is a chart which describes the common error codes and what can be done to fix it.

Error Code
Type of Error
Error Description
Bad Request
The request could not be understood by the server due to incorrect syntax. This most commonly occurs when people type in a url that requires a space skip within a certain portion of the context. Try replacing spaces with "%20".
Authorization Required
This usually means that the section you are trying to access requires some form of registration. This is a restricted area that can be accessed with a username and password.
The site was given instructions to only allow certain people to have access to the resources. You would need to speak with the people that operate the site if you are not sure why you are denied access.
Document Not Found
The resource that you are trying to find does not exist on the server. This is usually caused by people entering the wrong url or that the resource has been removed. In any case, if you feel that the document should definitely be there, be sure to notify the site's webmaster so that they can look into it.
Method Not Allowed
The method specified in the request-line is not allowed for the resource identified by the request. Most commonly occurs when trying to retrieve information through some form of script that has not been set to allow it.
Not Acceptable
The server cannot generate a response that the requestor is willing to accept. Usually means that web server has determined that the method you are using to access its content is not displayable.
Proxy Authentication Required
The site can only be accessed if the individual is using a proxy that is authenticated by the server.
Request Timed Out
The server has taken an extremely long time in an attempt to send out its resources than expected and therefore it has decided to take a time out.
The request could not be completed due to a conflict with the current state of the resource.
The resource is absolutely gone from the server with no indication that it is only temporarily unavailable or if it is located elsewhere.
Internal Server Error
There is a problem with the site's coding which is preventing it from displaying properly. Be sure to contact the site administrator so that they can fix the problem.
No Server
The functions that are attempting to be used with the current web server software are not valid.
Bad Gateway
The server, that is acting like a traffic director, is receiving invalid responses from the other servers. Wait and try again later.
Service Unavailable
The server is currently unable to handle further requests due to it being taken offline for maintenance or the demand for its resources is currently too high.
Gateway Timeout
The server has not responded to your request within a specific time period limit.
HTTP Version Not Supported
The HTTP protocal that is being used to make a request to the server is not supported.