Your Personal Life Decisions Will Affect Your Business Life Outcomes

Your Personal Life Decisions Will Affect Your Business Life Outcomes

For whatever reason these past few days there were a lot of news of high-profile individuals where incidents unfolding in their personal lives seem to be affecting their positions in their business life. There is a recent example here of the Canucks chairman Francesco Aquilini where he is apparently going through a family court proceeding and one of the allegations in there is that he abused his children. With that, the organization expressed that they are monitoring he situation closely.

People often say separate your personal life from your business. But in these types of cases you can clearly see where your personal life will have a direct influence in your business life whether you want it to or not. I would imagine one factor is people will assume your personal life actions would transfer into the business environment. As well, it’s probably not good optics for a business where if the person did do something bad and they are continued to be employed then the perception would be the organization condones those actions.

So it’s not just for the very famous as an example where the smallest things you do can be used by say the tabloids to affect one’s career opportunities. Pretty much any type of position requires one to have a clean reputation per se.

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