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Your Budget Versus The Rare Experience

Since this trip was an extremely last minute notice sort of deal I haven’t really budgeted for it appropriately. Essentially, my budgeting process was basically organizing how much I total I would need to spend at minimum and then comparing that with the funds that I have set aside for such a scenario. It all looked good and so I went ahead with it as it felt like an investment that would be very beneficial for me.

At the same time, this is an area I haven’t been to before which means technically there is a lot to see and do. As I am also going with some people that I know it was suggested that we go to certain places which of course cost money. In this case, tickets to various attractions can cost $100+. I did agree to go to at least one place which meant additional funds that wasn’t really expected. However, it seems like there are potentially more which makes me wonder if I should just spend money for the sake of a rare experience or be disciplined and do what is financially responsible.

Keep in mind again this was not exactly a planned “vacation” of sorts as I am going there to learn some new stuff. Financially, I am inclined to say skip trying to attend too many attractions and that if I really wanted to visit so many places that I should plan a proper trip with a proper budget for it. Otherwise it just seems so easy to spend in the moment only to have to deal with more trouble when you get back home. I think my only exception is if this was something truly once in a lifetime as your money can never buy that back.

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