Wrong Products On The Shelves At Supermarkets
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Wrong Products On The Shelves At Supermarkets

While browsing around various supermarkets today as I needed to buy some stuff I noticed there seemed to be a deal on jars of pickles which seemed pretty good. You could buy two for $4 according what I saw below. That didn’t seem too bad as usually for these purchases I tend to re-use the jars as well which can be valuable in its own right. So as I brought two to the self-checkout I scanned one of them and it said it was $3.75.

That was odd as at first I assumed you just need to scan the second one as well for it to register which is usually the standard. So I scanned the other one but there didn’t seem to be any discount. So I asked the associate and she said no problem as I can just take a picture of the display and she will adjust it. So when I went to check that’s when I realized it was actually labelled for a completely different brand. For some reason the products were placed there to fill in the gaps I guess.

But it made me think how a lot of people who are shopping for a lot of items where they just throw it in the cart and not tallying up the total ahead of time probably make this error all the time where they end up paying more than they expected. Because for many people they just realize what the total is once everything is processed.

I usually do make sure the UPC on the shelf actually matches the products too but for some reason neglected to do it today at first. Such a simple little thing you should always double check to make sure you are actually getting the best deals for your money while grocery shopping.

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