Would You Leave Your Business Behind Due To Lifestyle

Would You Leave Your Business Behind Due To Lifestyle

I was reading so much news recently in how Australia has been in lockdown for so long to the point where people are getting frustrated. As well, I saw some news reporters today suggesting that if people don’t get vaccine boosters shots in the future they could potentially have their rights taken away similar to people who have never got one at all.

With that thought, I was reading how people with established business were thinking of just dropping I all to start somewhere else that has laws which provide them with the freedom they desire. In many cases starting over is probably riskier than just following the current rules even if you don’t agree with them. At what point would you just risk it all for a different lifestyle? I think the only times I have seen where people are willing to drop everything right away are due to things such as a literal war that is happening. In those cases your business is no good if you are dead.

People with dual citizenship appear to be more open to just moving as they can always return if things get better. I think for myself it kind of reminds you that it can be wise to have some sort of income where you can operate despite not having say a physical location. Because you never know how fast life can change.

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