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Would You Ever Pay Full Retail For Furniture After Seeing These Prices

wayfair canada furniture price error

This was kind of funny as there was a site that was discounting a lot of it products for whatever reason. While I always knew furniture items have an extreme price markup, these prices where were a head turner for sure. For example, twenty dollars for a sofa? To be fair, this was probably definitely a glitch where at the same time it makes you think at how much extra you are paying.

Would you be inclined to ever pay full retail after seeing something like this? For myself, seeing huge discounts like these is what makes me want to find the lowest prices as well as potentially what the real cost of product is. Every time I say walk into a store now and look at sofa prices this image of ones costing twenty dollar just pops in my head to make me think if it is truly a good deal or not.

Puts it into perspective on how profitable a furniture and mattress company can be huh? Again, this is probably an error. Someone managing the site is going to get a pay cut I think over this error.

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