World Backup Day Without Much Sales

World Backup Day Without Much Sales

There were a few advertisements today for an event called “World Backup Day” which seems to be a way to encourage people to protect their data by having backup copies of one’s work and usually this would imply you need to buy more storage to do so. It immediately made me think of other days such as Valentine’s Day where the intent is to get people to spend money. But that was the interesting thing too as usually for these days there would be a lot of sales to promote the event. However, there was virtually nothing in most stores that I went to.

Perhaps that is an indication that this event isn’t well publicized and that the companies involved weren’t able to successfully create an event that revolves around the products that they sell. In many cases manufacturers often give its retail partners rebates and spiffs for selling their products at a discounted price for special events. It makes you wonder why that didn’t seem to be the case today. Did one just assume since everyone should be concerned about data loss that it would be good enough for people to take action?

There is the other view where perhaps this event wasn’t made with a motivation of selling more stuff too. But either way it didn’t seem to have much impact in changing consumer behavior if that was the intent.

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