Working With The People And Businesses That Support You

Working With The People And Businesses That Support You

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The other day I got a pleasant surprise as there was a person that seemed like he was trying to promote some of my work through his platform to his base. I never asked for any of this but it is clear to me anyhow that he wanted to see me grow bigger in that particular field. In contrast it got me thinking as coincidentally I was reading about another person who actually tries to actively hide my presence from people even though he follows my work pretty adamantly. My theory for that is the general mindset most have where if anyone is to gain anything it will be for themselves.

This is an important thing I have learned over the years where you can often spot the people who support you right away with actions such as these where they go the extra mile to do things to try and help you grow and succeed. You should hold these people close to you as it can be very hard to find genuine people when you venture out there in a business environment.

It’s like the saying for an average person where when people think you have nothing they will simply avoid wasting time with you. However, the second you become say wealthy then all of a sudden they have all time in the world to be there when you need it. Another reason why it is important because I found one thing that has been a setback at times is when I invest too much time and energy in helping people who in no way have your best interest in mind as well. For example, they will take what you give them to then say keep asking for more. All without a small thought on how to potentially give back.

You shouldn’t do things just to expect things back of course. But often people do this as a paying it forward type of approach where you hope the individual will do the same. But I have found that usually these types of people are just in it for themselves all the way. That kind of kills the whole notion of offering help as an example. The only consistent theme I have seen is if people are eager to help back then odds are they are the type of people who want to do good things for others as well when they can.

You can imagine surrounding yourself with these types of people creates an environment where everyone wants to see each other succeed as opposed to one person only caring about their bank account.

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