Working Through Rush Hour Traffic If Possible Instead
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Working Through Rush Hour Traffic If Possible Instead

Today was snowing quite heavily and I had the idea tat maybe I should head home earlier than usual in case the snow really picks up. Now usually I would head home so early due to the rush hour traffic as I prefer mot to get jammed in like a pack of sardines during my commute. So while leaving during the rush hour today it was very packed as expected. At the same time, the commute felt extremely slower than usual even on the rapid transit due to even more people at the stations than normal plus there appeared to be a system issue.

By the time I got home It felt like I came back at the usual time. If I actually avoided the rush hour traffic I could have literally just spent another hour or so finishing up some work where even if I arrived later the commute would have been faster still to the point where I still got more done. I couldn’t even do any work remotely while travelling this time either since it was so crowded with no space.

Imagine that where instead of leaving earlier I could have even sat at a café and actually do some work while waiting for the rush hour to be over. Then afterwards once the crowd dies down I can then start to make the trip back home with more comfort plus I got work done versus just waiting for the slower travel to complete.

You could even schedule your activities around it such as maybe for some if you normally get off work right at the rush hour time then maybe planning your day so that you get your fitness exercise for the day right after to stay productive with your time can be a better solution. This is versus getting off work, spending a lot of commute time trying to get through the crowd and then go to the gym after you get home. Such little things we can change to make things more productive.

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