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Wondering If You Have A Fake Product At Times

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With the solar eclipse happening soon apparently a ton of retailers are simply running out of solar eclipse sunglasses to sell to the public. But when there is a huge demand you can usually expect counterfeit or fake products to start appearing. That was a topic in the news where apparently a ton of solar eclipse sunglasses are turning out to be fakes where they can be dangerous to use where it won’t protect your eyes from the sun.

I was even reading stories how people who were planning to giveaway hundreds of them have stopped for fear that they are giving away a fake product. Usually for myself if the item looks way too cheap compared to everything else that is when I get suspicious on whether or not it is real. But in cases like these where the prices are the same and people are still buying quickly due to popular demand that can be tricky.

Usually when I buy things though I tend to only want to buy it if it is directly from the retail shop as opposed to third party sellers using the company’s platform. Because there you can assume the retailer is selling items that they get directly from the manufacturers whereas third parties could have gotten them anywhere. Interestingly enough too apparently a lot of these scam complaints was from purchasing the items from third party sellers. Something to keep in mind.

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