Winning When Losing To Someone More Experienced
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Winning When Losing To Someone More Experienced

There was this crazy video spreading online of an online personality named Sneako X who was sparring a UFC champion named Sean Strickland and the situation ended up as you may have imagined. Strickland seemed like he was toying with the person at first and then after he just unloads on Sneako X to the point where people have to stop the fight. Now while typically in these stories people will think it’s a case of teaching an “influencer” a lesson at the end of the day it seemed like Strickland challenged him. Considering Strickland is the professional fighter and it looked like he went all out on the guy, people seem to be praising Sneako X.

For example, saying how it’s amazing he actually didn’t get knocked out by a world champion. At the same time, people were then criticizing Strickland saying his actions ws kind of like bullying. So all in all it seemed like the Sneako X person got ahead in this even though he loss. Now if he actually initiated the challenge then people would probably be singing a different tune. It makes you think of that thought how many people will never challenge someone who has a clear advantage over them because losing is generally viewed as negative. Nobody wants to work with the loser when they can with the winners right?

But as demonstrated, context matters. It would be similar in this case to a kid doing very well against an adult as an example or imagine the adult taunting and showboating at the child. I’m pretty sure a lot of people would try and support the child over the adult. Sometimes there are opportunities where just fact that you tried can give you the recognition you need to give yourself a boost.

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