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Willing To Walk Out or Not If A Restaurant Menu Is Too Expensive

I usually don’t dine out much unless there is an occasion of some sort and today I went to a Ramen restaurant as my parents wanted to try it. As we looked at the menu the prices were pretty crazy where a pretty bowl of Ramen was about $15 at minimum. We figured maybe the portion was large to justify the price. That wasn’t the case though as the bowl was pretty small. They even asked if I wanted to order more and my first reaction in my mind was not at that price.

I did notice that they kind of had second thoughts about ordering anything but kind of just stuck with it since this was a planned get together. Would you ever be inclined to just leave the restaurant though once you see that the prices seem way too high? Like for us we just went with it but simply won’t go back again at those rates. I guess it’s more about the awkwardness of just leaving once you are seated and all.

But for the sake of money would you have no reservations about just leaving in instances like this? I know for most it’s a little different if you were like lining up at a fast food restaurant whereas for some reason a restaurant often feels odd to do that.

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