Willing To Lose Money Because of The Inconvenience

Willing To Lose Money Because of The Inconvenience

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Today I went to a hardware store as a friend needed to buy some screws for a project. He also purchased about sixteen nuts and washers where when he brought it to the cashier he apparently had one more than he needed. The funny thing was the cashier mentioned since they already punched it in the system they were just willing to give it to him for free. It made me wonder if accompany often loses a ton of money each year because of situations like that and if it matters.

I would imagine it wouldn’t have been too hard to readjust the transaction. However, I suppose another train of thought is maybe the customer would view that as you have their best interest in mind in terms of time and so maybe that little sacrifice from the business can create a loyal customer per se. Is that too far-fetched to think it’s beneficial in that way?

I would normally expect these kinds of things to happen in like a restaurant where if someone ordered say a wrong item then the business will let them have the first order as well otherwise it would just be wasted. Like most things I guess you have to look at it on a case by case basis.

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