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When The Travel Time Doesn’t Make Financial Sense

Recently I have been debating whether or not I wanted to continue paying for a membership doing an activity that requires a lot of my time mainly due to the travel time that it takes to get to the place. While there are many places that I could go to that are closer, I chose the place originally as I felt the quality for what you pay or would be better.

Not too long ago, it started to feel that I seem to be going out of my way a bit too much though for what I was getting and as a result it made me think of it from a financial point of view. For example, think of it like you buying some groceries where a particular place sells the best products for a price similar to other places that carry so-so quality items. However, the catch is you have to go out of your way to get there as it takes about a 45+ minute travel just one way.

So when you think about it, just going to a place more local can be significant in terms of saving money from a sheer time investment point of view. Not only that, but the accumulating travel costs can definitely add up. “What to do?” I am asking myself now. Usually what I do in these cases is to see if I can somehow turn that downtime into something productive to warrant me in going out of my way for a non essential product or service.

For example, I know some people who have say a pet wouldn’t mind walking for like 30 minutes to get to a good store as at the same time they are doing their daily walk the pet routine. It’s like a win-win in those situations. At this point though, for my situation I am thinking of going with the more local option.

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