When Stores Have A Reputation of Being Expensive
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When Stores Have A Reputation of Being Expensive

Today I was told of an offer that a store called Shoppers Drug Mart was having a friends and family day sale where you could get 20% off your purchases which is usually a great deal anywhere. For example, people going to stores to buy high ticket items like a TV. However, because it was this business in particular, I already knew it wasn’t worth the time as the items are usually expensive compared to everywhere else.

What makes it worst is if you read the fine print there are so many exclusions that you are limited to buying highly marked up snacks as an example. Not only that, the item has to be at regular price. As an example, I know for some items like a litre of juice this place would sell it for about $3.50 at a regular price whereas other places would sell it for about $1.25. So even with a 20% discount it is nit worth it. I am not the only one too as most bargain hunters share the same sentiment about the store being over priced.

Why is it like that? The theory has always been this store sells a lot of pharmaceutical protects and attracts a lot of seniors who are picking up prescriptions while potentially buying an item here and there. Because of that usually these groups of people don’t care too much about buying items at the best price and you can’t blame the business if they can move products at a higher price.

But it’s an example of just having knowledge of which places are the best to shop so that you don’t have to waste too much time seeing if there are any good deals. It’s often how I determine walking routes as an example where I am more likely to go by areas with businesses that have the best deals for certain types of items.

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