When People Insist In Giving You Discounts
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When People Insist In Giving You Discounts

I was at a martial arts store today looking to purchase some training equipment based on a referral and this was my first visit to this particular place. It was a pretty small store it seemed but I know it has been in business for a long time. Upon entering I was greeted by the one of the partners of the business and asked if they carried certain products.

What ended up happening too was that we started to talk about various things related to martial arts in general and the person told me about his personal background in it. The conversation actually ended up for more than 30 minutes it seemed as we were both genuinely interested in the topic.

Afterwards, he showed me some the products I was looking for and was trying to help me decide which one to buy. During that time as well, the person insisted that he waned to give me a discount and to not worry about the price tag on the product. I knew the product price wasn’t jacked up either as I was told ahead of time how much it costs from the person who referred me to the place.

I did end up purchasing the product and wouldn’t you know it I saved about 75%. I then inquired about other products that I might be interested in buying in the future and while he brought out his price list he again mentioned that he would give me a discount.

This was such a great example I thought when it comes to getting discounts through genuine trust. For me I was going to purchase it at the regular price regardless, but I suppose since the person was able to relate and trust my intentions and personality that he wanted to do more business with me in the future and so he offered me the discount.

That’s why when sometimes I read stories on how people try so hard with an aggressive approach to get discounts it always makes me wonder how much more they can save by just being genuine and down to earth.

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