What To Do With The Online Money
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What To Do With The Online Money

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I received another cheque payment today from Google for $125.55 as you can see here:

Looking at the total too thus far, I still consider this as the lazy/safe way of earning money. Not too much risk as I don’t go out of my way to really try to earn more and as a result the return is not exactly mind shattering. Though, I know there are a lot of people that struggle to even generate say $10.

Someone was telling me that for the heck of it since I never really do anything crazy with money that I should just use this Adsense cheque and put it towards like a bunch of lottery tickets and see what happens. In some ways I thought it would be kind of interesting since a lot of people normally do gamble away their money with small things like the lottery that add up over time.

I was even joking that since watching this recent season of celebrity apprentice I thought it would be interesting just to see how much money people lose and win in playing online poker and maybe I should use some of the funds from this cheque to see that first hand.

Basically though, looking for something new while at the same time being a good and educational thing to document that others will find useful.

Stock Investment: $800
Web Publishing: $886.55
Million Dollar Term: $100
Affiliate Sales: $91.01
Free Money and Credits: $100
Loose Change Savings: $209.23
Selling Items: $55.64

Total: $2242.43

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