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Waiting Until The Very Last Minute of A Clearance Sale

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It’s not unusual to see a ton of Christmas stuff on clearance right now. As a result every time I visit stores now there are people buying stacks of chocolates and other treats as the lure of a 50% off sign is very tempting. At times like these where I don’t really have a need for the items but it may be a nice treat for a change I tend to just wait until the very end as usually if the business still can’t get rid of it they sell it for even cheaper of course.

You might say there is a risk that it will be sold out. But the thing to remember is I probably wouldn’t have bought it anyways unless it was a really good deal. So if it was sold out then generally speaking I have saved my money. But if they still can’t get rid of it where I even had the slightest interest in it then I would be ecstatic about getting like say a 90% off deal.

It almost feels like those moments where if it was meant to be then the deal will still be there for you. Of course you shouldn’t do this with stuff you actually need or have been waiting for a price drop of course. But for those stuff that you don’t need it’s a good compromise I find.

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