Voluntarily Helping Customers With Bills During COVID 19 Disruptions

Voluntarily Helping Customers With Bills During COVID 19 Disruptions

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While there are definitely a lot of people taking financial advantage of this virus pandemic it is kind of interesting to see how large companies are approaching the situation for its customers. The most common scenario seems to be companies are sending out e-mails to tell people to stay safe and that they are trying their best to keep stock levels afloat during times of need. Of course, all while not inflating prices.

The surprising thing is how many service providers are actually freezing customer bills during this time or even offering free services. For example, local cell phone companies here seem to be offering people free roaming internet as an example knowing that many people will be stuck in their homes. Utility companies are even telling people to call in to have reduction of payments until things get better.

That’s nice to see which makes you think that sometimes if you have the ability to do so then giving customers help and support can be the right thing to do even if it temporarily reduces your income. Even from a strict business numbers point of view if you force the customer to bankruptcy in a sense that means you will lose the customer forever. If you can lend a hand as they say.

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