Using Vacation Pay For Trips or Investing
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Using Vacation Pay For Trips or Investing

I was hearing two sides of a debate today where some people were going to go on a two week vacation since during this time a lot of people do so. Of course, people that work a full time job get vacation pay as well. At the same time, I was hearing how some people mentioned that taking vacations like these actually cost you double and instead they just bank the vacation dollars and invest it.

I remember when I used to work at a full time job my vacation pays just kept accumulating. Basically, I didn’t even treat it as like an entitlement but rather something I ignored. So when time came to bank it it’s almost like you winning a small lottery. My decision was always to save it personally until I could find something decent to invest it with.

I know the purpose of a vacation pay is so that people don’t overwork themselves and the intent is that you take days off. In my opinion, unless you truly have no financial predicaments it only makes sense to use that money to further push yourself ahead I’d say.

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