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Using The Other Credit Card Once In Awhile

I usually prefer to just use one credit card as it is easier to manage your spending that way I find. I personally have two for the sake of having a Visa and Mastercard as I have often found it to be a nuisance when various companies say that they only accept one type of card. So today when I was buying some items I decided to use the one that I don’t normally use much for the sake of maintenance, so to speak, as to my knowledge if you don’t use the card for about a year there is a $2 fee that you have to pay.

At first when I heard about that fee I was a little turned off too even though you literally have to not even use it for a year for you to get charged as I usually dislike plans like that in general. It would almost feel like having a free library card where they say if you don’t come to the library in a year they will charge you an admin fee. I guess it’s kind of good in some ways as this makes me use the other card to stay in check too if there are any funny charges happening on that card which I would otherwise not pay too much attention to as I assume there should be no balance.

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