Using Platforms Not Meant For You

Using Platforms Not Meant For You

Crowdfunding has been a great way for many start-ups to generate funding for their projects that they couldn’t otherwise obtain under regular circumstances such as not having a big enough name to be seen by investors. With that said, I still se a lot of companies using crowdfunding sites to sell new products where it feels more like an e-commerce site than an investment pitch.

For example, I was recently reading about these graphene power packs that sounded interesting by a company called Elecjet. I personally never heard of them, but upon review it seems like they have had success in the past. I would imagine since crowdfunding platforms worked for them to move products it makes business sense to keep using it right?

I do wonder if there is any point where this would become a situation such as people entering a scholarship competition meant for new businesses to then see an experienced veteran enter into the competition because there isn’t any rules saying they can’t. From a business point of view would you do it in those types of scenarios?

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