Using Grocery Rebates For Other Expenses And Purpose
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Using Grocery Rebates For Other Expenses And Purpose

There has been a lot of news recently about a grocery rebate that many Canadians will be receiving to help with the increase of cost in living. Labelled as a grocer rebate, people can receive from $234 to $467 depending on various criteria such as having children or not. While free money is usually good, what was interesting is how many people who really need it won’t be using it towards groceries.

I was reading how many people were struggling with basic things like the rent and so they say all of this will go towards that. That pretty much uses the entire rebate in one go too which raises the other criticism I heard on how it is simply too little to make a difference for many. When I think about it too, most people don’t seem to spend the money for the intended purpose. It makes you wonder, should you?

Like here, would you think it will make a difference if you actually forced yourself to spend it on groceries instead of the rent? In some ways it may as I can see it potentially encouraging one to buy better deals such as bulk items now that they have more money which should last longer. That’s versus just spending in the exact same way. Or would you say it’s better to just continue to do what you did as you got by and then treat these funds as an investment in hopes to make more money somehow?

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