Using Free Trials Extensively
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Using Free Trials Extensively

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I had an interesting situation the other day where I normally did an activity with a group of people and we needed some kind of VOIP platform to enable real time chat with about 30+ people at a time. Most of the solutions were about $8 a month which wasn’t too bad. We were thinking though since this is for fun on whether or not we could find something for free.

The funny thing was just some basic research resulting in a lot of providers that were willing to offer the services for as long as three months to let you try out he service to see if you like it or not. We were just thinking too that is so long that each person can essentially register for a free account every three months and as a result we don’t need to spend money that way for it.

Is that taking advantage of an offer too much? I guess it’s like deciding how much is too much in terms of taking free samples from any other company.

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